Lock down pt.1

The last few days have seemed like an age. The almost empty streets eerie. A living Science Fiction novel. The once a day permitted health walk led me into the centre a couple of days ago. I needed groceries that the local small outlets didn’t have. It also presented an opportunity to stretch the legs for longer and see what was happening. It was startling to say the least. Of the few people I saw most were observing social distancing,  queuing in orderly fashion, slightly fearful giving an extra wide berth when passing in the street, edging around each other in the Super market, even offering a smile in the aisles (which I got on several occasions which was encouraging). Some are defying of course, gathering in small groups (and they’re not the homeless).

Admittedly It will be very difficult the longer the lock down goes on to maintain social distancing. I hope this is under consideration while the Government considers strategy. We need testing to be made available to all as soon as possible. But I digress.

I made my way into the City via the Millennium Bridge which was full of runners. Admittedly this made me slightly nervous, all that heavy panting within a few feet. I kept going, breathing shallow. St.Paul’s provided some relief or rather a series of signs dotted around the Cathedral did. I photographed and followed each of them to decipher what they were trying to say.




A theological or philosophical question? Hmm one to ponder. At that moment I was asking myself ‘Who, if anyone, was I going to meet?’

I continued towards the West End via Chancery Lane and Holborn. IMG_3401.JPGIMG_3403.JPG



Upon arriving at the junction of Shaftesbury Avenue and Charing Cross Road, a lone Deliveroo rider came past. I came across two more parked up as I crossed into Soho, no doubt waiting for an order. I wondered if they’re doing home deliveries of shopping now? Are there any takeaways left open?

To my surprise Soho Square was packed. I didn’t go through it in fact I decided I would turn back and headed into Covent Garden to get the groceries before returning via the safety of the foreshore.

Since that walk we’ve learned that 3,000 people were in Brockwell Park yesterday and we might not be allowed out at all. We are in uncharted territory. Proceed with caution. Stay safe and well.






2 thoughts on “Lock down pt.1

  1. Was the same yesterday when I went for a bike ride around Peckham Rye Park.. groups of people sunbathing, having picnics, playing games together. Really frustrating when most of us are doing what’s needed and other are flaunting the ‘rules’.

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